– Overview

Next & Nexus serves as a boutique law firm focusing on the emerging digital technology marketplace and is recognized in the representation of venture funds, corporate investors as well as fast-growing companies from the internet and mobile industries in all phases of development.

We provide our clients with trusted counsel and sophisticated insight borne of years of hands-on experience, including in-house and litigation practices, on General Corporate Operations, Intellectual Property, Talent Management, Financings, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships.

Our focus ensures that we remain at the forefront of developing market trends and have state-of-the-art industry knowledge and relationships to provide strategic and pragmatic advice to fit our clients’ needs.

Focus Sectors:

  • E-Commerce
  • Platform Service
  • Social Media
  • Digital Content
  • Smart Device
  • AdTech
  • LawTech
  • FinTech

– General Corporate Operations

Our corporate practice is structured to represent fast-growing companies through every stage of development and provide ongoing operational counsel as well as transactional services.  Our team is built small and stable with a detailed understanding of each client’s business and market so to provide strategic and pragmatic advice with an unparalleled degree of responsiveness and cost efficiency.

Our services begin as early as founders agreement and company formation and continue with the day-to-day operations throughout the company’s growth.  We routinely assist clients with the structuring and negotiation of commercial transactions, including supply agreements, software development agreements, OEM/ODM agreements, distributorship agreements, agency agreements, services agreements, patent/trademark/copyright transfers and licenses, terms of use, privacy policy, EULA, NDA and other forms.

We also represent clients in judicial and alternative dispute resolution forums for all types of corporate operating issues, and we manage costs, maintain confidentiality and protect clients’ brand and reputation when resolving disputes.

– Intellectual Property

We assist clients in developing and implementing strategies to acquire, develop, protect, enforce and commercialize intellectual property and technology particularly in the internet and mobile sectors on a worldwide basis.  We structure and negotiate IP transfers, inbound/outbound licenses and marketing strategies, both domestic and international.  We also represent clients in judicial and alternative dispute resolution forums for IP infringement and cybersquatting matters, and we manage costs, maintain confidentiality and protect clients’ brand and reputation when resolving disputes.

– Talent Management

We handle a wide range of talent management matters, including employment/engagement arrangements, compensation/incentive programs, corporate policies, and M&A talent transitions/integrations amid the complex and fast-evolving regulatory environment.  We also provide training courses to founders, executives, HR professionals and employees, particularly on employment disputes and trade secret protection.

– Financings

We advise clients on various financing structures and investment activities in phases from angel to late stage investment, and in areas from internet, mobile to other emerging digital technology.  We assist clients in reviewing and negotiating financing documents with liquidity events in mind, and handling substantive issues that may arise during the due diligence process, including IP licensing, employment matters, any other material agreements and pending litigations.

– Mergers and Acquisitions, and Strategic Partnerships

We represent companies in cash and stock M&A practices, strategic joint ventures and other complex transactions, both domestic and international.  Our unparalleled access to the largest and most influential network in the internet and mobile industry, together with our state-of-the-art market knowledge, allow us to provide targeted referrals to buyers and sellers alike when appropriate.  We tailor best practices around each client’s preferred deal structures to provide the most cost-effective representation available.